Welcome to SLEEPIFIER, an infinite, curated gallery of outstanding hotel design and architecture from Sleeper Magazine.

SLEEPIFIER is for you…

IF I…want to take inspiration from the best hotel designs around the world
IF I…want to specify products supplied to thousands hotel projects worldwide
IF I…want to supply products to hotel specifiers around the globe
IF I…want to identify the companies involved in these projects

We created SLEEPIFIER as a source of inspiration, information and reference for hotel owners, developers, investors, brands and designers. Our projects are curated, catalogued, and indexed with a wealth of information on who designed what, where suppliers products were specified, and on which kinds of projects.

You can search across a wide range of categories and hotel types, making Sleepifier an invaluable resource in the day-to-day work of anyone working on the design and development of new hotel projects.

Every single image on SLEEPIFIER is personally curated with dozens of tags as well as project details with a focus on quality and certified data.

Originally built on the archive of photography we created over 25 years of publishing Sleeper Magazine, and featuring extensive photography of all AHEAD Award-winning projects across all four regions, Sleepifier has now been supplemented with the portfolios of many industry leading design practices who have uploaded their work to the platform. Suppliers, including many of the industry have also added their case studies and references, making SLEEPIFIER an invaluable tool for specifiers and supplies alike.


Submit your project(s) for review by contacting us. There is no fee, neither for submitting nor publishing your work if selected.

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