Courtyards have been a central part of urban planning for millennia, with the first iteration of one being recorded circa 6000 BC. Their primary purposes were to provide protection from the elements, ventilate structures efficiently, and provide occupants with private outdoor space in busy towns and cities.

This instalment of Five on Friday celebrates the courtyard and the specifiers that embrace its age-old benefits as well as conjuring innovative schemes that establish their place in the modern design world.

From jubilant music-filled lounge areas to hidden plunge pool oases only discoverable through dense foliage, we’ve selected the following hospitality projects for the diverse design approaches of this illustrious area. Here are this week’s picks…

01 | The Mandrake Hotel, UK.

02 | Can Bordoy Grand Hotel & Garden, Spain.

03 | The Largo, Portugal.

04 | Salt of Palmar, Mauritius.

05 | Hospes Palacio de San Esteban, Spain