In this week’s Five on Friday instalment, we’re paying a virtual visit to a space that not every hotel possesses but one that every hotel should have. That is, of course, a deli counter: serving sugar-loaded treats and freshly prepared savoury bites daily.

Sitting apart from formal F&B spaces, these zones cater for the on-the-go traveller, thanks to expert floor planning and street-side accessibility. Holidaymakers with action-packed itineraries are able to grab a quick breakfast before heading out for the day, whereas those with a little more time can enjoy a casual dining experience by the counter.

Here are a handful of hotel-based delicatessens served fresh from the Sleepifier oven…

01 | 25Hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino, Italy.

02 | Rosewood Villa Magna, Spain.

03 | Emirates Palace Mardarin Oriental, UAE.

04 | Waldorf Astoria Xiamen, China.

05 | Zoku Wien, Austria.