The Garden of Time by J. G. Ballard is a short story about the home life of Count Axel and his wife who reside lavishly in their villa of rare artefacts, the likes of which include antique vases filled with fresh blooms and foliage from their surrounding estate.

It is also the overarching theme of the upcoming Met Gala set to take place in just a few days’ time. Inspired by the 1962 novella, we can expect this year’s cohort of celebrities to be awash with floral motifs, organic forms and the wildest selection of outfits couture has ever seen.

Anticipating ‘The First Monday in May’, we’ve rooted through the Sleepifier archives to pluck five hospitality projects previously celebrated in the Landscape and Outdoor Spaces category of our very own AHEAD Awards.

Manicured lawns, eye-popping planters and orchards brimming with seasonal fruits; you’ll find it all in the following posy of projects…

01 | Giardino Ascona, Tessin, Switzerland.

02 | Hoshinoya Guguan, China.

03 | Montage Healdsburg, USA.

04 | Apfelhotel Torgglerhof, Italy.

05 | The Newt in Somerset, UK.