Magazines awash with stripped-back spaces; one more ‘Five ways to apply Wabi-sabi principles to your home’ ad enters the periphery; another industry leader speaks to the environmental implications of needless ornament; there’s certainly been no shortage of minimalist messaging circulating media outlets over the years.

This being said, it transpires that an unadorned interior environment has nothing but positive effects on our physical and psychological well-being, the likes of which range from improved quality and length of sleep to gut receptors up-taking serotonin more effectively. As tourists aboard planes to escape life’s daily stresses, it stands to reason that hospitality designers incorporate this stylistic approach into their schemes.

From soothing Scandinavian-style suites to bright and bare entrance halls, here are five hotel projects that rule with a minimal fist…

01 | The Westin Miyako Kyoto, Japan.

02 | Factory Hotel, Germany.

03 | Palazzo Daniele, Italy.

04 | Vida Emirates Hills, UAE.

05 | Yours Boutique Stay, Spain.