Summer houses, orangeries and brightly lit conservatories; structures made of glass were previously a practical means to control conditions for optimal plant yield and to protect vegetation from harsh weather conditions.

Renowned for maximising heat retention and enticing solar gains, small panes of glass separated by aluminium mullions are no longer reserved solely for the green-thumbed. Hotel-design specifiers have since appropriated this configuration on a more expansive scale, often with a heavier emphasis on the decorative.

From luxe champagne bars and fine-dining facilities to botanical entranceways and sun-drenched breakfast halls, here are five of our favourite greenhouse-inspired projects…

01 | Ember Locke Kensignton, UK.

02 | Estelle Manor, UK.

by Roman and Williams, AIME Studios and Westrom.

03 | Mandarin Oriental Ritz Madrid, Spain.

04 | NoMad Hotel London, UK.

05 | Zoku Amsterdam, Netherlands.