Timber framing and “Post and Beam” have been tried and tested methods of building for millennia. Over time, the fundamental principles of both have not seen much change, thanks to the durable and robust nature of organic materials, combined with the sophistication of traditional joinery.

Though at one point fashionable to conceal the inner workings of architecture, more and more hotel specifiers are peeling back the layers to incorporate parts of the existing building’s chassis into contemporary design proposals. Meanwhile, new build project architects are reinventing old-world timber construction by gearing sleeker proportions and high-specification finishes towards modern tastes.  

From polished plinths and kinetic gabled roofs to rustic farmhouse lintels and antique joisting, here are this week’s beam-based picks…

01 | Hotel Villa la Coste, France.

02 | Hotel Indigo Karuizawa, Japan.

03 | Cabin Anna Holenberg, Netherlands.

04 | Sunyata Hotel Meili, China.

05 | Rosewood Phuket, Thailand.