Vaulting, in its primitive phase, was a building constituent reserved only for places of worship, often integral to the vernacular of Islamic architecture in the Middle East and later incorporated in Gothic Revival-style churches in the West.

But how have hospitality design leaders brought this design relic to the modern day? Many have optimized disused religious structures to bring guests a unique insight into a building’s historical context, whereas others have fashioned lofty Lobbies and Public Areas with future-thinking materials and cutting-edge technologies.


There are plenty of reasons to incorporate vaulting into your next project; increasing lux levels, improving ventilation and wowing guests just to name a few.  Here are our top five vaulted picks plucked straight from our archives…

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01 | Golden Eagle World Hotel Nanjing, China.

                                                                                                   by Rolland & Associes and YANG Design Group (杨邦胜设计集团).

02 | Maastricht Kruisherenhotel, Netherlands.

                                                                                                                           by SATIJNplus Architecten and Vos Interior.

03 | Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, Greece.

                                                                                                                                                 by MKV Design

04 | The Standard Bangkok Mahanakhon, Thailand.

                                                                         by Buro Ole ScheerenHAYONSTUDIO, King Power Mahanakhon and Standard International. 

05 | The Qvest, Germany.

                                                                                                                                            by QVEST Shop.