This week, we’re casting an eye over a quintet of projects that utilise the versatile material of brick, from characterful hand-thrown blocks to the military precision of those made with modern-day extrusion dies.

The specifiers of the following hotel projects have brought the vaulted ceilings from yore back to life, whilst others have gone on to fashion solar shading strategies out of perforated clay forms. Whether it’s a restoration or a newbuild, brickwork is not only revered for its heat-retaining qualities but is visually appealing too.

Did you know, you can type ‘BRICK’ into our search engine for more material-specific inspiration? Here are a few of our favourite brick builds to get you started…

01 | Casa Volta, Mexico.

02 | Ottilia Hotel, Denmark.

03 | Max Brown Canal District, Netherlands.

04 | The Eliza Jane, USA.

05 | Stradom House Autograph Collection, Poland.