With winter on the horizon in the Western Hemisphere and the last of the cold climates in the East, we thought it appropriate timing to take a look at the humble hearth. Originally a fixture in domestic dwellings, this seasonally used building constituent has also earned a central spot in hospitality projects in recent years, and for good reason.

Whether it’s a roaring fire greeting guests on arrival, or the crackling embers of a suite situated stove, a previously functional piece of FF&E has become a bonafide design feature in its own right, with many product designers devising new ways for fireplaces to command the full attention of a room, be it Lobbies and Public Areas, Bedrooms, or Restaurants and Bars.

As well as ensuring thermal comfort, the hearth seemingly has its own gravitational pull for many a guest seeking an evening unwind, often acting as a gathering point for holidaymakers and fostering a sense of community away from home.


From farmhouse furnaces to opulent open firepits, here is our hot take on some hotel hearths straight from the SLEEPIFIER archives…

01 | Mamula Island Hotel, Montenegro.


03 | The Inns of Aurora, USA.

04 | Bethlen Estates Transylvania, Romania.

05 | Chatrium Niseko Hotel, Japan.