From great fortresses and monolithic temples down to village huts and agricultural structures, stone has been the go-to building material for its durability for thousands of years. For the last hundred, however, advancements in alternative cladding have seen traditional stonework become less popular, but its reputation and evidence of its past use still stand firm.

A considerable number of dilapidated cattle sheds, ex-manor houses and abandoned cave dwellings are converted into hotels every year. Meanwhile, specifiers commissioned on newbuilds will often draw on the sites historical context to incorporate the natural material into the design.


In this week’s Five on Friday segment, we’re turning our attention to specifiers that use, renovate, and decorate stone masonry to meet the tastes of the 21st-century traveller. Here are our picks…

01 | Wadi Sabarah, Egypt.

02 | Octant Hotels Douro, Portugal.

03 | Rockhouse Hotel & Spa, Jamaica.

by Ltd and Atelier One Pty Ltd

04 | Radisson Collection Hotel Tsinandali Estate, Georgia.

05 | Zannier Hotels Le Chalet, France.