When we think about construction and the luxury hotel sector, perhaps the first thing that springs to mind is megalithic concrete paradises, tonnes of mass bearing down on the Earth and natural resources going surplus to requirement. Over the last thirty years, however, architectural designers have shifted their focus to sustainability, with more Environment and Technology specialists being employed in practice than ever before.


Subsequently, new methods of building have come to fruition. Their innovative design solutions challenge old methods of construction, the likes of which include temporal and easily deconstructed lodgings in lightweight materials to minimise carbon footprints. From this, we have seen an influx of cabins, treehouses, pods and tented camps coming into our awareness, some becoming the world’s most favourable vacation spots due to their novel charm and wild locations.


In the run-up to 2023’s AHEAD Awards, Five on Friday pays homage to the Lodges, Cabins and Tented Camps category of hospitality design, specifically projects that use canopies, awnings and fabric coverings. Here is our shortlist of low-impact, high-quality camping experiences from across the globe…

01 | Abeille Maison Glamping Resort, Croatia.

02 | Tuludi Tented Camp, Botswana.

03 | Jack's Camp, Botswana.

04 | Singita Sabora Tented Camp, Tanzania.

05 | Camp Sarika, USA.