With certain cinematic productions being at the forefront of everyone’s minds today, we’re dedicating this week’s Five on Friday to a quintet of projects that make us tickled pink or – in other words – ‘very happy’ in the use of one contentious colour.

Heralding from all four corners of the globe, the following properties utilise pink pigments to create PUBLIC SPACES with dramatically diverse atmospheres. Burgundies and deep-raspberry tones are employed for moody lounges where zingy corals and cerise shades add a pop of playfulness to poolside interiors. And, despite plastic being not-as-fantastic as stated in the 1997 lyrics, the ways in which these design studios have incorporated reflective textiles, tactile room divisions and kitsch furniture into hospitality schemes no doubt captures our imaginations.

From blush to fuchsia and electric pink to pastel hues, prepare for FF&E that every doll would want in their Dreamhouse.


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01 | W Osaka, Japan.

02 | Selina Bad Gastein, Austria.

by Selina. 

03 | Semiramis, Greece.

04 | Edition Hotel Madrid, Spain.

05 | The St, Regis Aspen Resort, USA.