Top 5 projects with materials taken to the next level 

This week we’re taking a look into projects where designers achieved to express the maximum capabilities of certain materials. We took into consideration complexity, creativity, innovation and taste.
Taste is indeed subjective, but the trained eye can tell whether or not a designer had a specific aesthetic in mind and if their taste matched their goals.
These five projects are exeptional in every mentioned way, taking commonly used materials and exploring its limits to full capacity without losing sophistication.

 A meticulously designed bamboo lodge, as indicated by its name, takes bamboo to places we’ve never seen it before, creating intricate delicate patterns  that transform the usual straight orthogonal lines into a curved space where walls and ceiling are continuous.
The Hotel Terrestre uses bricks from the inside out, creating a facade that both follows the original lines of the typical brick proportions while elevating the casual material into a futuristic and brutalist unique facade.
The Hotel Bohinj uses multiple long wood cuts with slanted edges to create artistic masterpieces that emerge from the ceiling while maintaining that same wooden texture throughout the whole hotel.
The Libertine Lindenberg uses bespoke ceramics designed by the interior designers themselves to produce geometric topographies that play with scale and light in wonderful textured ways.
The Jam Hotel takes concrete and takes it from its usual most-used material form and elevates it to tremendous sculptural installations that integrate into the basic foundation of the building.

Click on the images below and explore the projects in further detail!

 Yibin, China
by QAD
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Puerto Escondido, Mexico
by Taller de Arquitectura – TAX
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  Bohinj, Slovenia
by OFIS arhitekti
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  Frankfurt, Germany
by Studio ABERJA
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 Brussels, Belgium
by Lionel Jadot
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