Top 5 promenade concepts

In 1929 the Villa Savoye, designed by Le Corbusier was completed. 
This project not only materialized his five principles of architecture, but also portrayed his way of percieving space itself. Promenade doesn’t just refer to the path where a person moves along. It refers to a much deeper concept embeded in his unique perspective on space and time.

When designing an architectural building, we imagine the space seen from above (top view), and from the sides (side view). What about time then? How can an architect represent time in their sketches?

Just like Picasso condensed space and time in his cubist paintings, Le Corbusier designs in a similar way. What is the person’s point of view? What is the sequence of travelled spaces the visitor goes through? The perspective of a human that moves inside a specific space and time. If we could compare Le Corbusier’s process to that of another profession, it would be that of a camera man or movie director, rather than a typical sculptor.
Today we selected five projects that allow visitors to explore space in a similar way, transforming the whole experience into something that flows in a dynamic yet effortless way.

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  Milan, Italy
by Alvaro Sans Arquitectura Hotelera
Supplied by Duravit & TECE
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 Tola, Nicaragua
by Carlos Ayala
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Guilin City, China
by Vector Architects – Beijing Horizontal Design – Shenzhen
 Supplied by Duravit & Hansgrohe
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Valle Sagrado, Peru
by Jose Cruz Ovalle
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Doha, Qatar
by South West Architecture Marcel Wanders studio
 Supplied by HansgroheLAUFEN, Geesa by CORAM & PRECIOSA LIGHTING
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