Top 5 Projects that master the use of Natural Light 



The great Louise Kahn had once said: “Architecture appears for the first time when sunlight hits a wall”

Although an architectural project comes to life with palpable materials, it is also defined by intangible qualities like natural light that give dynamism, richness, and liveliness. The interaction of light and shadow transforms interiors and affect their perception, determining the user’s spatial experience. Clever design of natural light can be energizing or calming; can add a sense of intimacy or drama to the place. It can render a radical change in interior spaces. Natural light makes materials and textures show themselves deeper and true colours shine bringing out their true essence. 

Today we selected 5 projects that create remarkable atmospheres manipulating sunlight in different ways.


The HOSHINOYA TOKYO with it’s continued facade of a patterned and translucent double skin gives a sense of calm and magic. 


The MASON PATTAYA repeats the floor to ceiling vertical cut on private villas to let sun and nature penetrate in a dramatic and beautiful way.


The PATINA MALDIVES, FARI ISLANDS creates a sanctuary diffusing the natural light through the ceiling directly to the water mirror, transforming the spa into an oasis.


The W SHANGHAI – THE BUND comes to revolutionize the concept using coloured glass that transforms the pool into a vibrant mass of water. 


The CASA FANTINI creates a more drastic transition between sun and shadowpainting the space like a black and white game. 



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Tokyo, Japan
by Azuma Architect & Associates
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  Tambon Sattahip, Thailand
by VaSLab Architecture
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Maldives, Maldives
by Studio MK27
Supplied by Spa Supply Solutions
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Shanghai, China
by G.A Design International – London
Supplied by TUUCI, Duravit & Andy Mannhart AG
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Pella, Italy
by Lissoni & Partners
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