Top 5 Projects of 2021

The awaited top five of the year is here! This selection features the best projects that opened their doors in the year of 2021. They are diverse but key characteristics were taken into consideration when selecting the winners. 
We congratulate the designers for their work and passion poured into these hotels.

The Buckle Street Studios by Locke was chosen as a representative of the many Locke Hotels opened this year. We are impressed by how clear and flawless the identity of the multiple hotels shows through; the desaturated yet colourful palette, the rich textures, the bold lines and curves, all belong to the unmistakeable Locke’s pleasing aesthetic. 

The Londoner for the way it balances theatrical elements with fine sophistication. The guests will find themselves intrigued by the curious art pieces and unique escenographic surroundings. 

The Ulaman Eco Retreat for its out-of-this-world level of craftsmanship and engineering presented in the bamboo curve structures. It searches the limits of the material itself; it’s a project that will influence many designers and architects in the future.

The Aeon‘s both architecture and interiors is admirable. At first sight, it seems like the split-colour scheme is the dominant element in the design,  but it’s so much more than that. The whole project represents the boundaries and dialogues between inside and outside, past and future, dream and reality. From its renewable sourced materials to the facade itself, it merges with the horizon perfectly.

The W Osaka surprised us with the way it can combine two seemingly contrasting identities and styles; traditional japanese motifs with W Hotel’s personality. The cherry-blossom-inspired hallway is the clearest example of this, transforming the centuries-old image of the pink bloomed cherry trees with a modern twist.

Check out the links below and explore the winning projects in TOPHOTELDESIGN.


  Greater London, United Kingdom
by Grzywinski + Pons
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  London, United Kingdom
by Yabu Pushelberg – New York
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 Kediri, Indonesia
by Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios
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  Renon, Italy
by noa* – network of architecture
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 Osaka, Japan
by concrete
Supplied by KALDEWEI
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